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Integration Specialist

Location : Magarpatta City , Pune | Company Name : Beyecs

Integration Specialist | beyecs | magarpatta city , pune |

Integration Specialist Job Description
Maintenance Organization

Konecranes enterprise architecture defines the ground rules for corporation system and platform landscape. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platform is one of the corporation IT backbones with increasing importance for business continuity. The EAI platform works as a link between critical business systems and this is why also the EAI platform is classified as a critical system. 
EAI support organization is responsible that integration platform is always up to date, secure and available. Integration Specialist has the key role in fulfilling the SLA commitment we have given to our internal customers.
The following sections describe the work content and responsibilities of Integration Specialist in overall level. The list is not complete set of tasks, but more indicative. 

1.	Platform Support and Development

1.1.	Message Broker/Message Queue/File Transfer Server
Configuration management of MB, MQ and FTP platform is essential part of the EAI support team work content. Support team must understand and control the configuration setup including all functional scripts and scheduled tasks on all environments.

1.2.	Software patching
New patch and update releases of MB, MQ and SAP adapters must be actively followed from product support site (IBM). Relevant fix packages are evaluated case by case.

1.3.	Security 
Platform security must be secured in all cases. HP is responsible for patching the operating system, but EAI team takes care of the rest. This includes MB, MQ, certificates, credentials, adapters, Toolkit and of course the security of all integration solutions.

1.4.	Capacity and performance optimization
Utilization and available capacity should be monitored daily basis and potential problems identified and proactively prevented. 

2.	Deployments

2.1.	QA and Production Environments
Deployment process includes not only the deployment of individual BAR files but all the steps needed for working setup. This means queue creation, execution group setup and all other configurations related to the specific solution. Implementation vendor makes deployments to DEV environment and EAI support team to QA and PROD.

3.	Tivoli Monitoring

3.1.	Platform Status Monitoring
Tivoli Monitoring tool is the main tool for following the status of EAI platform and individual integrations. It helps us to quickly react on alerts and thus enables to reach the SLA goals. Tivoli tool must be monitored actively during every working day.

3.2.	Administration of Tivoli Software
In addition of using the tool, EAI team is also responsible for administrating Tivoli, configuring new alerts and managing TEMS service and related agents.

4.	Incident and Problem Management

Konecranes follows ITIL best practices as IT service management framework. Essential parts of this framework are incident and problem management. EAI support team is responsible for supporting all existing (approx 250) and new integrations. All work coordination of incidents and problems are handled through Service-now ticketing tool. 

5.	Service Requests

Service requests mainly consists new small development requests to existing integrations (< 5 working days) or general support requests from projects and other AMS organizations.

5.1.	 Request for information & Small development

Service requests are mainly request for information and small development type of tasks. Request for information is usually initiated by various EAI stakeholders who want EAI team to investigate certain matter or provide testing support during their project test phase. 

Small development tasks are improvements to existing integrations or to EAI platform and the work load is less than five days. All small development tasks are prioritized by the EAI domain team and they are assigned to support team via Tracker tool.

6.	Documentation

High quality documentation is important factor for efficient maintenance and support. EAI support team is responsible for keeping the platform and integration documentation up to date regarding all modifications. When new integration is handed over from third party vendor to maintenance, the EAI support team must review the documentation from vendor and verify that the quality of documentation is sufficient. If documentation is found to be incomplete, these areas must be highlighted.

7.	Service Level Commitment

Availability of Konecranes integration platform is one of the key performance indicators (KPI) that Konecranes IT department follows and there is certain service level that our organization has committed to. This commitment requires that incidents are handled within the given reaction and resolution time frame. We measure out the EAI support team performance through Service-now ticketing tool. 

Mail dated: 29th October’ 2015

Hello Jose,

It was nice talking to you too. Sorry, I couldn’t hear you properly on the phone as there was some disturbance at the background.

Regarding the queries related to Sr. Exec- EAI position, please see my comments below:-

1.       Experience range – we are looking for 4 to 5 years relevant   
experience .Max Salary range upto 10 Lacs

2.       Platform is IBM Integration Bus,  Webshere – MB

3.       Location – KSSIPL, Magarpatta City , Pune

Thanks & Regards,
Surya Prakash
BPSP HR Solutions Pvt Ltd

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